Google AdWords Management

Google AdWords is a way of online advertising. It allows you to target your ads to the type of customers you want, and filter out the ones you don’t. AdWords will give you the ability to advertise to people actually looking for the services or products you offer.

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Get An Ad Manager & Maximize Your ROI

Hiring a professional to manage your Google AdWords will get you the most for your money and a higher return from your campaign.  By monitor keywords and trends through research and tools to create the best-performing ads at the optimal bid price. We take care of the heavy work and confusing data so you don’t have to.

As a campaign manager, we break it down into a way you can understand and market your ads based on the needs of your business. Getting you a higher ROI versus using Google’s Smart Campaigns which are wasting your money.

What Is PPC?

PPC stands for pay-per-click and refers to a type of online advertising. SEM stands for Search Engine Marketing and is the blanket term used for any kind of activity intended to improve how easy it is to find a particular website via a search engine.

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How To Get On The First Page Of Google

Google AdWords is like an auction… for words your want. In order to get on the first page of Google, you will have to place your bid so the ad will show.

But how much should you bid without losing money?

We know you work hard for your money. Our approach is conservative, structuring a more efficient campaign. Getting the keywords you want, filtering out the negative keywords, improving the quality score and ad rank. This way you get more visibility with your Google Ads campaign to the people looking for goods and services you offer.

AdWords Management Packages Include*:

  • Custom landing pages
  • Mobile-first optimization
  • Budget analysis and bounce back clicks
  • Continuous optimization of all ads 
  • Monthly keyword research
  • Content updates to optimize ads & website
  • Google Analytics setup- data tracking and reports
  • Conversion & ROI tracking
  • Adword strategy based on business goals
  • Cost per click conversion
  • Competitor analysis

* Different packages available based on needs

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Why Choose Us To Manage Your Campaign?

What makes us unique is our commitment to see businesses succeed. We take pride in getting to know our clients, business, services & products in order to market them better. The best marketers to advertise the products are the ones who know the product.

We create ad groups of your PPC campaigns to organize your PPC ads so reading the reports is clear about your progress. We research common search queries about what you want to advertise whether it’s a service or product to build converting ad copies. 

Santa Rosa & San Francisco Bay Area are very competitive. Get ahead of your competitors with Google AdWords… get in front of potential customers… and get conversions!

Get More Customers - Make More Money

Your bottom line is our goal. We offer different levels of managed services to help your business reach its goal.  Our services can assess, create, or optimize any AdWords campaign including:

  • Search Ads
  • Banner Ads
  • Display Ads
  • Text Ads
  • All Google Ads