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Google Local Listing & Directories

Google Business Listing

There’s a lot of factors that go into optimizing a website with SEO. Directory listings work along side SEO. Google Business Listings is the biggest contributor to Google Map Searching. Google uses the information on it’s listing to help people find what your business has to offer locally. For local business, this is extremely important since Google Maps is so frequently used in mobile search.

Why Do I Need a Google Business Listing?

According to Google, if a business doesn’t have a Google Business Listing they might as well not exist. Google Business Listings provides information about the business that people can find quickly while searching. Listings act as the yellow pages now. Want to know if a store is open, Google it. What’s the number for the restaurant down the street, Google it. Make sure your business has a Google Business Listing that is optimized, contact us to get SEO services.