Web Design for Small Businesses

As the world becomes more digitally-focused, it’s never been more important to create an online space for your business. Your very own business website.

Website Design and Website Management for small business is crucial to becoming successful. It helps keep your information current to search engines, connected with your audience and customers, even answer questions after business hours.

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Hosting & Domains

Is your current website loading slow? Are you paying an arm and a leg each month for it? Laced Media partners with the top 3 website hosting providers to deliver FAST, SAFE, and AFFORDABLE hosting for your website. 

We want you to have total control over your website as its your business. Our practice is to set up your hosting and domain in your name so you have full control over its status. Unlike most agencies who hold your website hostage if you want to leave. We stand by our honest practices for giving the best customer service to our clients!

Let Your Website Work For You

Web Design is a great opportunity to make an online presence for your business or yourself. We strive to make the web development process fun, creative, and genuine.  A website can be the first interaction your customer has with your business.  Our goal is to mold a website that describes your business, leaves an impression, and produces sales or lead generation. 

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Free Website Evaluation

Get a FREE Website Audit! Having a functional and inviting website can help your business bring in business. Our website evaluation includes:

  • Website security check
  • Functionality
  • Design
  • Coding updates
  • User experience
  • Page structure
  • Competition analysis
  • Page load speed test
  • Mobile responsive
  • Server error test
  • Content audit
  • Search Engine Ranking Page test

Web Design Samples

Do I Need a Website For My Business?

Yes. A website can be the best investment for your business no matter if you sell online or not. See these 6 Reason Why a Small Business needs a Website.

Don’t have a website? Get A Quote

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Web Design Packages Include:

  • Customized Template
  • Local Market Research
  • Mobile Friendly Design
  • Site migration
  • WordPress Platform
  • Navigation, Structure & Sitemap
  • SEO Site Structure
  • Page & Content Collaboration*
  • Development – up to 30 hours
  • Prototype Staging – Test Site before going live
  • Style, Color and Theming
  • Install any Plugins for client needs
  • Connect Google Analytics account

*Content Writing is available for an additional fee

Domain & hosting services are also available for an additional fee

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mobile speed test, website load speed

Is Your Website Slow To Load?

Researchers agree that the optimal load time for a web page is less than 3 seconds. People can’t wait and a slow loading website will lose not only users but also potential customers. Google Search Engine considers website speed in their search rating that ties into SEO.

Our websites not only load fast but all are built with mobile-first designs. As more users search from their phones than laptops, Google determines your ranking in search on how the website is view on a mobile.

Don't Let Your Out-dated Website Scare Away Customers

Your current website could use a facelift? We can help. Keep your domain and hosting, we will re-design your new website on our servers so you can see it live. Once the website is finished, we migrate the new site over to your domain and hosting. Within hours your new shiny site will be live on your domain. No down time!