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Why is SEO Important in Santa Rosa

Santa Rosa, CA to some may be on the smaller size for a city, but it’s actually fairly large in competition.

When researching a cities competitive nature, a few things go into the equation:

  • Population
  • Competition
  • Consumer Behavior


With a large Population, the reach is much larger.  Imagine talking to an audience of over 100k people, without a microphone. The first few rows might be able to hear but anything beyond that probably won’t. Having a website without SEO in a larger city is like not having that microphone. You’ll reach some, but will fall short after a certain point. Get SEO on your website to expand that reach.


Competition play a factor since other business may offer the same services. Competition helps drive consumers to do the research about products or services and discover you online.

Consumer Behavior

Lastly Consumer Behavior can be a large reason to get SEO. Statistics show consumers do research 3 times before they make a final purchase. This means a company can be searched for multiple times in order to close a sale. Where do people search? Google. What influences Google Search Ranking? SEO.

The Facts About Santa Rosa

Santa Rosa has a population of 175k people with 56% white, 30% Hispanic and the rest make of Asian, Black and mixed. This is your local reach in Santa Rosa. Building a marketing strategy that caters to this demographics is ideal since these are your potential customers. Demographic research is a huge part in Local SEO for Businesses in Santa Rosa. Find out how well you rank in your local market with a SEO Audit. It’s Free.

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Is Your Website Secure?

As we launch ourselves into the 21st century with high speed internet, mobile web searching and tablet browsing. Have you ever thought that the information you enter on a website could be compromised? Online security has became a huge priority within the last couple years for websites that collect data, requires a password, conduct purchases or have private information that some may want to keep confidential. Build trust with a secure website and give your customers the peace of mind to purchase, browse and submit their information without the worry it will be shared.

How Do I Make My Website Secure?

A secure website is marked with HTTPS at the beginning of the url. Chrome has launched a new update this July to alert visitors if the website they’re visiting is secure or “Not Secure”. This can be scary for people looking to make a purchase on a website as identity theft is a real thing. To get HTTPS, you will need to contact your website hosting provider and get a SSL certificate. SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer and encrypts information passed through the internet like transmitting passwords, credit cards or other personal information to and from your website’s server.

What Is HTTPS?

HTTPS stands for Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure.

How Does HTTPS Impact My Business?

Chrome dominates 59% of the market share of GlobalStats which leads into a recent consumer survey saying 82% would leave a website if it was not secure according the HubSpot Research. This means 8 out of 10 people would leave your website because it wasn’t secure. Another way SSL impacts your business is Google has announce SSL is now a ranking factor in Google Search.

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Do you need help getting your website secure? Get website services to secure your website and protect your customers information. Contact us about getting your website protected.

How to get more Google Reviews

Google has pretty much dominated the online search category, but how important are the reviews left on Google?

Extremely important! Google likes to use it’s own products to help in how well your business shows up in search. A great example would be Google Maps Listings.

5 helpful tips on increasing Google Reviews

Ask for them: Ask and you shall receive, well sometimes. There is no shame in asking a happy customer to leave a review on Google.

Scan a QR code: Have a QR code created to go directly to your Google Review Page. Google requires a gmail account in order to leave a review. Great thing about android users is they have to create a gmail account in order to use apps. With android taking up 46% of the market, this is an easy way to get those users to leave a review.

Link it on your website: Create a link to your Google Review Page from your website.

Don’t have a website? Laced Media can help. Get a web design quote

Email: Email blasting still exists so collecting customers information is still important. Follow-up emails, new products or newsletter. Don’t forget to ask in the email leave a review and provide a link to your Google Reviews Page makes it easy to do since a lot of people check their emails from their phones.

Don’t forget friends and family: Asking your friends and family to leave a review is ok in the eyes of Google. Fake accounts can be detected and Google will know if they are fake and deem them as spam.

Google reviews tie into your Google Business Listings which show in organic search. Local business listing need optimization to be visible in search. Contact us to see how we can get your business visible.

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Page Speed, Waiting to Load

Have you ever sat staring at your phone waiting for a website to load? Clicking the refresh button, toggling your Wifi to get a better connection. Don’t worry, it’s not you… it’s them. On average, a user will look at their phone a total of 4 hours a day! The way people use their phones now have seriously changed within the past 10 years and is the vessel of obtaining information.

So Why Does Having a Fast Website Matter?

Users tend to be impatient in a world of instant gratification. Web pages that take longer than 6 seconds to load are prone to loss their audience. 1 to 3 seconds could lose 30%, 3 to 5 seconds may lose 95%.

70% of phone connections will be at 3G or slower thru 2020 (information provided by thinkwithgoogle.com)

How Slow is My Website

Check your website for Desktop and Mobile PageSpeed: Google PageSpeed Tool

If your website is producing some low numbers, you may consider a website redesign. LacedMedia offers many types of packages that are affordable and specific to your business goal.

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Yelp’s Algorithm & Why Your Reviews Don’t Show

One of the biggest consumer review platform online is filtering your reviews. Yelp developed its own algorithm in hopes to filter out fake or spam reviews in order to publish a more reliable customer review source. Unfortunately, some of those positive “legit” reviews are being filtered out as well.

Why Does Yelp Filter Reviews?

Yelp tries to filter reviews that it thinks are likely to be fake or spam. These could be reviews Yelp thinks are malicious, inside influenced, an individual who has never visited the business, or a competitors attempting to damage the businesses reputation. Yelp will filter out reviews good and bad based on some of these factors:

  • Reviewer with no photos, profile info or profile picture
  • Lack of details in the review
  • Reviewer with only 1 review
  • Reviews from an account consisting of all 1 star or 5 stars
  • Frequency of reviews

Consumer Reviews are highly important to any business and can heavily influence a potential customer to choose you, or look elsewhere.

How Do I Get My Yelp Reviews to Show?

A few recommendations you can try to help get those customer reviews to show on your Yelp listing:

  • Click the buttons: Cool, Useful or Funny for the 5 star reviews – normally located at the bottom of the review
  • Add the reviewer as a friend
  • Send a message to the reviewer
  • Respond to the review – I always recommend replying to your reviews, especially the harmful 1 star reviews

Interacting with the reviews and the Reviewers tell Yelp these are “legit” and hopefully sway them to start showing. You’ll want to focus on the 5 star reviews to interact with since this encourages the visibility. The more people to do this, the better. The customer can also increase the power of their opinion as well with the suggestions below.

How to Show Yelp My Reviews are Legitimate

As a consumer, I would want my review I spent time writing to show. Here are a few recommendations to share with your customers to beat the Yelp Filter:

  • Write more reviews ( a lot more)
  • Fill out your profile and add photos
  • Connect with other members on Yelp
  • Write more details in your review
  • Leave “Tips” for the business your reviewing too
  • Become apart of Yelp Elite

Though doing these will never guarantee your reviews will show but it’s a step in the write (pun intended) direction!

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Why Googling yourself is BAD

Many companies will Google themselves to see where they stand in organic search. The major problem is it does not create a reliable judgment on how well your customers see you in their searches.

How does Google Search work?

Google’s has refined their search results in such a way that it uses data you never thought it would. The goal for Google search is to deliver an answer to a questions or provide the best possible result to a search. So, Google will use information it has collected over time and include it in any of the future searches. Keywords Googled, phrases, or even websites visited.

What is Google’s Algorithm?

Google algorithms is a computer programming that is set to deliver information in a very complex and specific way. Google’s search engine returns millions of results for you to choose from but how does it know what to list and what order to list it in? An algorithm.

Google search has an extremely complex algorithm. Its purpose is to index (record and categorize) the world wide web. There are a lot of variables that go into how Google will return a search results list. Google is very hush hush on their algorithm though sometimes someone spills the beans and
here are a few examples of what may impact page rank in the results for certain keywords:

  • MetaData, Descriptions, Headings and Titles
  • Previous searches and relative keywords
  • A well structured website with link building
  • GeoLocation in reference to what is searched
  • and endless more factors…


When Googling yourself, try using a Private Window or Incognito. This will eliminate some factors Google will typically use in search to make the results more relevant. Though this is not an indefinite way to see how you truly show for your potential customers but it’s closer to what they may see when Googling services you offer.

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