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How well is your online presence?

Most companies will Google themselves or some of the services they offer to see were they stand in search results. Unfortunately this doesn’t give a reliable result in how customers see your website in search. Since Google’s Algorithm uses many factors to calculate where you will be listed in a search, doing a search on your own can give you some skewed results. You may be showing on the first page for you, but probably not for potential customers who’ve never been to your website or searched for your type of services.

How does Google Search Results work?

Google’s Algorithm uses a variety of facts when showing the search results. For example, Google will use previously searched keywords you’ve used to incorporate the new results.

Other facts may as include:

  • Logged into Gmail
  • Logged into the browser
  • Previously searched keywords
  • Geolocation
  • Clicked listed & not clicked
  • And more…

How to get more online traffic from SEO

Let us take a look into your SEO and online presence to see how well your potential customers are finding you. We use softwares that allow us to see search results not conflicted by Google’s typical criterias. Giving us a clear picture of what your customers would see when searching for services you offer.

Honesty is the best policy

These SEO Evaluations are honest. We will tell you what you’re doing right, and what could use some help. Educating our clients about what they need and why they need it helps deliver a realistic expectation for their business through SEO. Contact us for a free SEO Audit