Why Am I Not Showing in Map Search?

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3 SEO Tips For Small Business With Big Results

It is more important than ever for small businesses — or any business, to do Search engine marketing. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is one of the biggest and bestest investments you can do for your business.  To grow your business and strengthen your placement in whatever industry you’re in, acquiring new customers and building your brand should be a top priority.

Running a small business is no easy task — we know from experience as we were all there at one point. The list of responsibilities and duties are endless with sometimes things falling between the cracks. Unfortunately, it’s very common for to businesses to push SEO to the back of the priority list.

This can be a huge detriment to a small business. SEO lets your online content work to help find and draw in new customers and increase traffic to your pages. People use search engines to find what they are looking for, decide what they want, and answer questions. Optimizing this process can optimize every element of your business from the ground up. 

How Important is SEO for Small Businesses?

Shopify has reported that e-commerce sales are expected to reach $4.5 trillion by the end of 2021. With this kind of online business traffic its absolutely necessary to drive customers to your content and products. While not all your  investments in SEO will pay off immediately — sometimes taking a year or more to gain revenue profits. SEO is no comparison in the long run. The overall, long-lasting benefit for your business can be game-changing. Here’s a few tips to get you started:

1. Local SEO Is Important

Local business When someone searches, “best Chinese restaurant near me” or “tattoo shops Santa Rosa,” the immediacy of these results can mean everything. With the rise of zero-click searches, you don’t even need to leave Google to get all the information you need. Contact information, reviews, and Google Maps directions will come up instantly on Google. 

Keep these steps in mind when trying to optimize how you appear in local searches. 

  • Build backlinks from local companies
  • Create location-based content
  • Encourage local reviews and engage with local influencers and social media
  • Optimize for local keywords
  • Take advantage of Google My Business page features

2. Get Into Snippets

Featured snippets are  seriously important in SEO and will continue to be as long as people keep searching for answers. Snippets are sections of a websites content that pop up on Google when you ask a question — in hopes to answer your question. This is position zero and where everyone wants to be. Getting featured on snippets requires careful attention to header tag, relevance, and formatted content designed to rank with featured snippet. 

3. Keyword Research for Popular Search Queries

Keyword research is very important to your marketing plan. Local search results often rely on quality, relevant, industry-specific keywords to draw in traffic and local visibility. The importance of keyword research is so important that it is necessary for all venues of digital marketing. With Google’s Keyword Planner, you can find industry-relevant keywords and local keywords to build a focus campaign. 

Keywords are constantly changing due to fluctuations in trends and online behavior, social media, new events, and even pop culture.

While you may have a well put together list of relevant keywords right now, chances are they will different in the future. This is why constant SEO management is important. 

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Googling Your Business Can Hurt It’s Ranking in Google Search

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Learn How Customers See Your Business In Google Search

Many companies want to know how well they rank in a Google Search for services and products they offer. A majority will Google themselves to see where they rank — and can be very disappointed. Google uses a wide range of factors to deliver customized results with every search. Googling yourself will not give reliable results on how customers see your business in Google search based on customized search.

Customize Search To Answer Your Questions

Google’s has refined their search results in such a way that it uses data you never thought it would. The goal for Google search is to deliver an answer to a questions or provide the best possible result to a search. So, Google will use information it has collected over time and include it in any of the future searches. Keywords Googled, phrases, or even websites visited.

How Does Google Know...

Google search has an extremely complex algorithm. Its purpose is to index (record and categorize) the world wide web. There are a lot of variables that go into how Google will return a search results list. Google is very hush hush on their algorithm though sometimes someone spills the beans. Here are a few examples of what may impact page rank in the search results for search queries:

  • Metadata, Descriptions, Headings and Titles
  • Previous searches and relative keywords
  • A well structured website with link building
  • Geolocation in reference to what is searched
  • and endless more factors…

What is An Algorithm?

Google algorithms is a computer programming that is set to deliver information in a very complex and specific way. Google’s search engine returns millions of results for you to choose from but how does it know what to list and what order to list it in? An algorithm.

Tips On Finding Your Current Position in Ranking

When Googling yourself, try using a Private Window or Incognito. This will eliminate some factors Google will typically use in search to make the results more relevant to your previous searches. Though this is not an indefinite way to see how you truly show for your potential customers, it’s closer to what they may see when Googling services you offer.

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