Why Googling yourself is BAD

Why Googling yourself is BAD

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Many companies will Google themselves to see where they stand in organic search. The major problem is it does not create a reliable judgment on how well your customers see you in their searches.

How does Google Search work?

Google’s has refined their search results in such a way that it uses data you never thought it would. The goal for Google search is to deliver an answer to a questions or provide the best possible result to a search. So, Google will use information it has collected over time and include it in any of the future searches. Keywords Googled, phrases, or even websites visited.

What is Google’s Algorithm?

Google algorithms is a computer programming that is set to deliver information in a very complex and specific way. Google’s search engine returns millions of results for you to choose from but how does it know what to list and what order to list it in? An algorithm.

Google search has an extremely complex algorithm. Its purpose is to index (record and categorize) the world wide web. There are a lot of variables that go into how Google will return a search results list. Google is very hush hush on their algorithm though sometimes someone spills the beans and
here are a few examples of what may impact page rank in the results for certain keywords:

  • MetaData, Descriptions, Headings and Titles
  • Previous searches and relative keywords
  • A well structured website with link building
  • GeoLocation in reference to what is searched
  • and endless more factors…


When Googling yourself, try using a Private Window or Incognito. This will eliminate some factors Google will typically use in search to make the results more relevant. Though this is not an indefinite way to see how you truly show for your potential customers but it’s closer to what they may see when Googling services you offer.

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