Local Marketing – Struggling Small Businesses

Local Marketing – Struggling Small Businesses

Local Marketing Has Changed -- Here's How To Be Prepared

If you haven’t been living under a rock for the past decade, Google has monopolized the online search aspects and has really shaped the way people search for information. For example, 20 years ago if you wanted to find a plumber, you’d pick up a phonebook and start thumbing through the “P” section. Taking a gamble if the plumber is certified, affordable, or even a respectable person. Thanks to search engines like Google, that work happens in a fraction of a second. We now have all this information at our fingertips.

Most Important Investment For A Small Business

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Many business struggle with staying afloat of the most current technology like digital marketing. Local Marketing which used to be radio commercials and flyers has swiftly evolved into local SEO. Mom and pop shops tend to have a hard time adjusting to these market changes or just refuse to adapt. Unfortunately, this can seriously kill a business since people rarely walk into a store without doing the research first.

A Local Businesses can struggle without these basic necessities:

Why Do I Need a Google Business Listing?

Google Business Listings is the new Yellow Pages, Just better. A Google Business Listing is Google’s directory for local business around the world. Google can create a listing on your behalf to attempt to make search fluid. Though it’s in a business’s best interest to claim and verify it. This helps increase your visibility online and tells Google ” Yes, I am a business and I verified the information to be correct”.

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Why Do I Need a Website if I Don't Sell Anything Online?

A majority of websites out there do not sell products online. Breaking down the purpose of a website comes to what I conclude to be 3 basic categories:

  • Informational – Educational, Delivers information, Gain knowledge
  • E-Commerce – Sell products, online purchase
  • Social – Facebook, blog , Portfolio

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