Keyword Strategy – How To Find The Best Keywords For Your Small Business

Keyword Strategy – How To Find The Best Keywords For Your Small Business

Keyword Strategy Helps Prioritize & Focus Your Web Page

Keywords are an important factor in optimizing a web page. In order for your page to rank well, you will need to have a focused keyword strategy. 

What is a Keyword Strategy?

First, let’s discuss — what is a keyword strategy? Keyword strategy is strategically using keywords relative to your business in your web pages and campaigns to attract your target market audience. The overall approach is to support your SEO strategy and can help you determine the keywords that you should be targeting.

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When The Company Pick Their Own Keywords

Many of our new clients will come to us with keywords already selected — thinking these are the words to use. The major problem with their keyword is they can lack focus.

Companies want to rank for all types of keywords. Without a strategy, this can be like hitting a target in a dark room. We need to take these keywords and create a focused strategy in order to gain ranking.

So, the first step is to rebuild the keyword strategy and in some cases start from scratch.

Pick & Prioritize The Best Keywords

When we begin a keyword strategy, the starting process is to research the products, company, services, etc. Some companies will give a list of keywords they want to be found for but it may not fall in line with current search trends. Once you have the outline of keywords, it’s time to laser-focus on specific types of those keywords. Here are some examples.

  • Personal trainer keywords. Someone looking for a personal trainer is looking for a type of service. This can be focused on a personal trainer for losing weight, personal training weight loss, weight loss personal trainer.
  • Diet consultant keywords. Some personal trainers will incorporate other services like a diet. Focusing on diet keywords like meal planning coach, consultant for a meal plan, diet consultant for weight loss.
  • Competition-jacking keywords. Researching the competition can also give great keywords that are working and trending. Competitive analysis lets you see what your competition is doing and copy it — in your own way.

Competitive Analysis For Keyword Ideas

Competitor keyword research can give your keyword strategy fuel for ideas. Of course, you can do the whole thing manually with Google Planner or Google Trends, but it’s a lot easier to just steal some ideas from your competitors.

While there are many tools to use for keyword research, one of the main softwares we use is SEMrush. With this tool, you can run your top 5 competitors through SEMrush and find around 90% of the keywords you want to target. That’s more than enough to get you started, and you can always add some more keywords as you go.

Create Content Using Your Keyword Strategy

Once you’ve created a solid list of keywords with branching keywords, it’s time to create content that tailors to those keywords. In the greater efforts to support your SEO campaign, unique content is the foundation for building a high-ranking web page. In order to create content, you need to know your direction for the web page — that’s where keyword strategy comes into play. Need an expert to write your content for you and optimize it?