How to get more Google Reviews

How to get more Google Reviews

Google has pretty much dominated the online search category, but how important are the reviews left on Google?

Extremely important! Google likes to use it’s own products to help in how well your business shows up in search. A great example would be Google Maps Listings.

5 helpful tips on increasing Google Reviews

Ask for them: Ask and you shall receive, well sometimes. There is no shame in asking a happy customer to leave a review on Google.

Scan a QR code: Have a QR code created to go directly to your Google Review Page. Google requires a gmail account in order to leave a review. Great thing about android users is they have to create a gmail account in order to use apps. With android taking up 46% of the market, this is an easy way to get those users to leave a review.

Link it on your website: Create a link to your Google Review Page from your website.

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Email: Email blasting still exists so collecting customers information is still important. Follow-up emails, new products or newsletter. Don’t forget to ask in the email leave a review and provide a link to your Google Reviews Page makes it easy to do since a lot of people check their emails from their phones.

Don’t forget friends and family: Asking your friends and family to leave a review is ok in the eyes of Google. Fake accounts can be detected and Google will know if they are fake and deem them as spam.

Google reviews tie into your Google Business Listings which show in organic search. Local business listing need optimization to be visible in search. Contact us to see how we can get your business visible.

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