Marketing Strategies For The Cannabis Industry

How Can SEO Help Market Your Cannabis Business

While some cannabis businesses are flourishing, others might find it difficult to form a lasting enterprise in today’s modern environment. Indeed, now that cannabis is being legalized in states across the country, there has certainly been an influx of cannabis shops looking to sell a quality product. The best way to form a successful business, aside from having a killer product, is to embrace a proven marketing strategy.

Using proper SEO practices can help marketing for cannabis businesses raise awareness, sell more products, and prosper in a growing market. If you are looking to learn how to use SEO for your cannabis business, you are in the right place.

Cannabis Marketing: SEO 101

Where Can I Advertise My Cannabis Business?

The cannabis industry for online marketing — things can be a little hazy. Due to strict regulations set by Google, Adwords are not possible for cannabis products. Facebook has these same strict rules. Cannabis advertising is simply not allow.  This is why SEO is so important as it can be your biggest investment that will produce returns for your business. 

Cannabis Companies Need SEO

When it comes to creating a successful SEO strategy for your cannabis company — online presence is extremely important.

SEO focuses on getting organic traffic from search results. As we like to say, the “Free Section” of Google search. 75% of search terms will click on the organic portion of Google search versus the Ads anyways. If your website is not utilizing SEO, we highly recommend it as it’s the best way to get your company and products in front of the people looking for it.

Cannabis Content Is Key

If you aren’t running a blog or posting regular content on social media, you might want to think about starting to change your strategy. A social media page can be a great way to drive traffic to your business. Online sales are becoming increasingly important for companies large and small, and platforms like Instagram can help sell products.

Blog Relative Topics

As for blogs, the name of the game is ‘consistency.’ You’ll want to post regularly, link to your own website, and make connections with other cannabis platforms. There are also plugins available when blogging that can help you choose and properly distribute SEO keywords throughout your articles.

Stay Consistently On Social Media

While marijuana companies are becoming legalized per state, it’s also becoming socially accepted. What better way to educate people than on social media. When it comes to operating an SEO optimized social media account, it pays to look at your competitors. 

What hashtags are they using and how long are their captions? Focus on an SEO phrase that will help your company and then start posting some professional content.


Finally, you’ll want to make sure your cannabis business is available on services like Yelp, Google, and Weedmap. The cannabis industry heavily focuses on networking — because before it was state regulated, networking was the only way to get your product moving. This will help people find your business online and drive traffic to your site. The best part is you don’t even have to do anything!

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SEO For Marijuana Companies

The above SEO tactics deal mostly with something called off-page SEO. That means that they can link to your website and increase traffic, but they aren’t a part of your business’s internet space. On-page SEO is the opposite. You can use search engine optimization to tailor your cannabis business to the consumer and bring more people to your website. This requires keyword research for your cannabis website to find high quality keywords and Technical SEO.

Keep in mind, too, that consumers only care about themselves. They want to know what your can do for them. For that reason, your business’s keywords should be focused on the products that you are going to sell. After all, that’s what most people are going to search for anyway.

Cannabis SEO Marketing

The most popular cannabis keywords currently used for cannabis companies are those that follow the rules I mentioned above. Consumers want to know what you can do for them. That’s why ‘cannabis edibles,’ ‘cannabis candy,’ ‘cannabis sativa,’ and ‘cannabis gummies’ are some of the most popular SEO keywords. 

Using these isn’t going to be extremely beneficial for your business if you are selling a more unique product. Instead, you should use them in moderation with your website and social media, but you should also focus on creating some keywords of your own the focus on your product too.

SEO does take time and dedication. With following these recommendations, you’ll be able to forge your own successful corner of the internet using SEO for your business. 

Types of Cannabis Businesses That Benefit From SEO:

Get An SEO Expert For Your Cannabis Business

An SEO Specialist can provide maintenance to your website’s visibility, increase traffic, and gain more customers with measurable data!  Laced Media has the professional SEO experts to get your cannabis business thriving. Schedule a free consultation call today.

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