Best Afghan food in Fremont

Welcome to Fremont Afghan Kabob Restaurant Fremont Afghan Kabob features luscious kabobs, relaxing soups, wraps and healthy salads for the entire family. We are an authentic Afghan restaurant in Fremont …


  • Mantoo, Mantu, Beef filled dumplings
    Aushak Entree – Beef filled dumplings
  • chicken kabob and beef, Lamb kabob dish, afghan food
    Family Kabob – Chicken, Lamb and Beef
    Family Kabob
  • Shor Nakhud, garbanzo dish, afghan food
    Shor Nakhud
    Shor Nakhud
  • Chicken Curry with rice, afghan food
    Chicken Curry Platter
    Chicken Curry
  • Shami Chicken Kabob, Indian food, afghani dish
    Shami Chicken Kabob
    Shami Chicken Kabob